Words Often Confused 3 TOEFL JUNIOR


1. Choose the correct word to complete the sentence:

The teacher's (advise/advice) to study regularly helped me improve my grades.

  • a) advise 

  • b) advice

2. Choose the antonym of the underlined word:

The proposal was (except/accepted) with great enthusiasm.

  • a) except 

  • b) accepted

3. Choose the word that correctly completes the cause-and-effect relationship:

The hurricane's (affected/effect) was widespread devastation.

  • a) affected (verb) 

  • b) effect (noun)

4. Choose the word that best fits the context:

He was completely (captivated/captured) by the beauty of the sunset.

  • a) captivated (emotionally engaged) 

  • b) captured (physically seized)

5. Choose the word that implies an inherent quality:

He had a (congenital/congenial) heart problem since birth.

  • a) congenital (existing from birth)

  • b) congenial (agreeable, pleasant)

6. Choose the word that emphasizes duration:

He (continual/continuously) practiced for his piano recital.

  • a) continual (repeated often) 

  • b) continuously (without interruption)

7. Choose the word that refers to a formal body:

She was elected to the town (council/counselling).

  • a) council (governing body) 

  • b) counselling (providing guidance)

8. Choose the word that refers to professional guidance:

She sought (council/counselling) from a therapist after a difficult experience.

  • a) council (not typically used in this context) 

  • b) counselling (providing emotional support and guidance)

9. Choose the word related to campaigning:

They were busy (canvassing/canvas) the neighborhood for votes.

  • a) canvassing (soliciting support) 

  • b) canvas (fabric)

10. Choose the word associated with weddings:

She wore a beautiful (bridal/bridles) gown on her wedding day.

  • a) bridal (specifically related to weddings) 

  • b) bridles (restraints for horses)

1. Answer: b) advice (noun) 2. Answer: b) accepted (antonym of 'except' is 'accepted') 3. Answer: a) effect (noun) - "affect" expresses the cause, "effect" the result. 4. Answer: a) captivated (describes emotional state) 5. Answer: a) congenital (refers to an innate characteristic) 6. Answer: b) continuously (implies unbroken duration) 7. Answer: a) council (specific type of formal body) 8. Answer: b) counselling (refers to professional help) 9. Answer: a) canvassing (specific activity related to campaigns) 10. Answer: a) bridal (indicates connection to the bride)

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