Words Often Confused: 1 TOEFL JUNIOR


1. The old woman dispensed valuable ________ on how to live a long and fulfilling life.

  • (a) advise (verb) 

  • (b) advice (noun) 

  • (c) affect (verb) 

  • (d) effect (noun)

2. The doctor confirmed that the patient's illness was not ________, but rather a reaction to medication.

  • (a) except (verb) 

  • (b) accepted (verb) 

  • (c) affected (verb) 

  • (d) effect (noun)

3. The scientist's research ________ significant changes in the field of genetics.

  • (a) captivated (verb) 

  • (b) captured (verb) 

  • (c) continual (adjective) 

  • (d) continuously (adverb)

4. Despite her ________ personality, she had a surprisingly large number of close friends.

  • (a) congenial (adjective) 

  • (b) congenial (adjective) 

  • (c) childlike (adjective) 

  • (d) childish (adjective)

5. The children's ________ laughter filled the playground with joy.

  • (a) childlike (adjective) 

  • (b) childish (adjective) 

  • (c) continual (adjective) 

  • (d) continuously (adverb)

6. The ________ flow of information in today's world can be overwhelming.

  • (a) continual (adjective) 

  • (b) continuously (adverb) 

  • (c) Council (noun) 

  • (d) counselling (noun)

7. The _________ met to discuss the upcoming elections and decide on campaign strategies.

  • (a) Council (noun) - 

  • (b) counselling (noun) - 

8. The counselor offered ________ to the young couple struggling with their relationship.

  • (a) canvassing (verb) 

  • (b) canvas (noun) 

  • (c) bridal (adjective) 

  • (d) counselling (noun)

9. The ________ gown shimmered under the spotlight, making the bride the center of attention.

  • (a) bridles (noun) - 

  • (b) bridal (adjective) 

10. The ________ of the horse required careful handling and patience.

  • (a) bridal (adjective) 

  • (b) bridles (noun) - 

1. Answer: (a) advise (verb) - The context indicates an action (dispensed) requiring a verb. 2. Answer: (c) affected (verb) - "Confirmed" implies a state or condition, requiring a verb to describe its impact. 3. Answer: (a) captivated (verb) - Emphasizes the lasting impact of the research, suggesting it held people's attention. 4. Answer: (b) congenital (adjective) - Misspelled option. Should be "congenial," meaning friendly and pleasant, contrasting with the statement. 5. Answer: (a) childlike (adjective) - Positive connotation of innocent joy, unlike "childish" which can be negative. 6. Answer: (b) continuously (adverb) - Describes the manner of flow, not the flow itself. 7. (a) Council (noun) - Refers to a group of people meeting for deliberation. 8. Answer: (d) counselling (noun) - Refers to the professional guidance provided. 9. (b) bridal (adjective) - Describes the specific type of gown. 10. (b) bridles (noun) - Refers to the leather headgear used to control a horse.

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