Words Often Confused 2 TOEFL JUNIOR


Instructions: Choose the most appropriate word for each sentence based on the context.

  1. The doctor ______ the patient to avoid sugary drinks. (advise/advice)

  2. My ______ is to take the scenic route, even if it takes longer. (advise/advice)

  3. The change in government has ______ many people's lives. (affected/effect)

  4. The new law is likely to have a significant ___________ on the economy. (affected/effect)

  5. The audience was ___________ by the magician's performance. (captivated/captured)

  6. The police ________ the escaped prisoner after a long chase. (captivated/captured)

  7. The child's ________ heart condition required surgery. (congenital/congenial)

  8. The team had a very _______ atmosphere, despite the pressure of the competition. (congenital/congenial)

  9. The _______ wonder in her eyes was heartwarming. (childlike/childish)

  10. He constantly complained about his job, which made him seem __________. (childlike/childish)

  11. The ________ met to discuss the new budget proposals. (Council/counselling)

  12. She decided to seek _________ after going through a difficult breakup. (Council/counselling)

  13. The politician was busy ___________ for votes in the upcoming election. (canvassing/canvas)

  14. The artist used a large _____ to create his masterpiece. (canvassing/canvas)

  15. The bride wore a beautiful white _____  gown on her wedding day. (bridal/bridles)

1. Answer: advised (verb) Explanation: "Advise" is the verb form, indicating the act of recommending or suggesting. 2. Answer: advice (noun) Explanation: "Advice" is the noun form, referring to the recommendation itself. 3. Answer: affected (verb) Explanation: "Affected" indicates that the change has had an impact on people's lives. 4. Answer: effect (noun) Explanation: "Effect" refers to the result or consequence of the law, not the act of impacting something. 5. Answer: captivated (verb) Explanation: "Captivated" means strongly attracted and held by the performance. 6. Answer: captured (verb) Explanation: "Captured" means to take hold of someone who has been trying to escape. 7. Answer: congenital (adjective) Explanation: "Congenital" means existing from birth, while "congenial" means friendly or pleasant. 8. Answer: congenial (adjective) Explanation: "Congenial" is appropriate here as it describes the friendly and pleasant nature of the team environment. 9. Answer: childlike (adjective) Explanation: "Childlike" suggests an innocent and curious nature, while "childish" often implies immature or silly behavior. 10. Answer: childish (adjective) Explanation: "Childish" fits better in this context as it describes his behavior as immature and unreasonable. 11. Answer: Council (noun) Explanation: "Council" refers to a group of people who meet to discuss and make decisions. 12. Answer: counselling (noun) Explanation: "Counselling" refers to the process of receiving professional guidance and support. 13. Answer: canvassing (verb) Explanation: "Canvassing" means actively soliciting support or votes, while "canvas" refers to the fabric used in painting or the blank surface for artwork. 14. Answer: canvas (noun) Explanation: "Canvas" is the relevant word here as it describes the material the artist used to paint on. 15. Answer: bridal (adjective) Explanation: "Bridal" refers to something related to a bride or a wedding, while "bridles" are used to control horses.

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