Book Title : 365 Fairy Tales Storica.

Author : Anonymous.

Pages : 198

Price : Rs. 495/-

Brand : Pegasus.

Website :

Total Stories: 365 (365 days 365 Stories)

Cover Page: A beautifully, colourfully designed cover page which attracts and makes the readers read all the stories instantly. 

     The more you read, the better you understand is the perfectly suitable saying for this book. The more you study these stories, definitely the wiser you become.

Fairy tales have the power to transport readers to a world of magic, where fish can talk or fly, elves can punish or reward according to one's deeds, and where fairies are just around the bend waiting to be discovered. Fairy tales give wings to a child's imagination and the child learns important lessons quickly. '365 Fairy Tales' is a compilation of fairy stories from around the world. The stories will take the young readers to magical places where they will get to explore new lands, meet new creatures, wander through the castles of kings, and swim in the seas with the mermaids.

Story No: 1 (January 1)


     Cinderella had a wicked stepmother and stepsisters who made her work always. Once, they all went to a ball in the palace, leaving Cinderella behind. Cinderella was sad until her Fairy Godmother appeared and waved her wand. Cinderella turned into a beautiful princess with glass slippers. But Fairy Godmother warned, 'Be back before the clock strikes twelve.

     The prince fell in love with Cinderella and danced with her at the ball. The clock struck twelve and Cinderella rushed out. leaving one of her slippers behind. The prince went to every house in his kingdom found Cinderella. Soon, they were happily married.

Story No : 365 (December 31st.


The Dwarf and the Giants

     Once, a cunning Dwarf persuaded a man to give up his only son in return of a treasure. But when the Dwarf came for the boy, the Man realised his mistake and refused to give his son. Then, the Dwarf said, I'm ready to give up your son if you bring a pair of magical boots from a group of Giants.

     The Man agreed and went to the Giants. They asked him many riddles which he answered correctly. After taking the magical Boots and the gifts from the Giants, the Man returned to the Dwarf who left his son unharmed

     Every child must have an experience of reading 1000 stories. Then they will grasp the different different writing styles in their minds. Finally, the kids will come off with their own writing style. So read as many books as possible like this to get your own writing style.

K. Naga Raju S.A English.



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