6th English FA 1 2021 Model Paper

 6th English, FA 1 - 2021. 

Model Paper.



Class: VI,

Subject : English.

Name: ……………………..……..... Sec: …..... No: ……


1.Put the following sentences in the order of events. 21/2 m

  1. People went to Tenali Ramakrishna and told him their problem.

  2. Chitra Varma was appointed a chief advisor to the emperor.

  3. Tenali Ramakrishna implemented his plan by engaging a carpenter as a cook.

  4. Emperor Srikrishna Devaraya realized his mistake at the end.

  5. Chitra Varma was a famous painter in the emperor's court.

2. Say whether the following statements are True / False: 21/2 m

  1. Chitra Varma was a famous carpenter. (   )

  2. Emperor Srikrishna Devaraya awarded a lot of gold coins to Chitra Varma.   ( )

  3. Tenali Ramakrishna was a poet and jester in emperor Srikrishna Devaraya's court. (   )

  4. Tenali Ramakrishna prepared a delicious dinner for the emperor. (   )

  5. Emperor Srikrishna Devaraya realized his mistake at the end. (   )

3. Choose the correct Synonym 1m 

(Swelled, honoured, particular, ordinary)

  1. Chitra Varma is a unique (1) painter. He will be rewarded (2)

4. Write the correct Antonym. 1m

  1. He deserves(1) your encouragement (2)

5. Choose the correct other forms of the words.1M

  1. No painter on the earth can ………. (compete / competition) with you Chitra Verma you are a unique ……… (painter / paint)

6. Extract some other words from the following word. 1 m

  1. REWARD.

___ ____ ____ ____ ____ ___

7. Read these sentences and write "D" for declarative, "E" for exclamatory "In" for interrogative and "Im" for imperative in the brackets given. 21/2 m

  1. Please show me the way to the library. (   )

  2. What a great painting this is! (   )

  3. Where can I find a sweet shop? (   )

  4. Mother looks after her children carefully. (   )

  5. What happened? (   )

8. Read the following sentences and put full stops (.), question (?), marks and exclamation marks (!), wherever necessary. 21/2 m

  1. He got a good job ……….

  2. Did he get a good job ………

  3. What a great job ……….

  4. Get a great job first ……….

  5. What is your job ……….

9. Circle the /f/ sounds. 1m.

  • Parrot photo, parcel, phone.

10. Write an Invitation. 5 m

  1. Write an Invitation on behalf of your School Anniversary. Date: 10.3.21, Time: 4.00 pm. Venue: Your School.


The Snake Charmer

 The Snake Charmer

Blossoms 6, 

A Reading Practice Video. 

Click on the Blue Title Below.

The Snake Charmer Blossoms 6


 6th Listening An Unexpected Reward

An Unexpected Reward

A boy and his grandfather were walking along a road. They passed a farmer working hard on his land. The farmer had taken his ragged shirt and worn-out shoes and placed them at the road's edge. The boy felt he could play a little mischief. He said to his grand dad, "Grandpa, why don't we take the man's shoes and shirt and hide behind the tree? When he finds them missing, he will be so angry. And we'll have the fun of watching his expressions."

But the grandfather replied, "Grandson, never make fun of a farmer or hurt his heart. If you just want to feel happy, then let's do this instead. Take 

some coins and place them in each of the farmer's shoes. Then we'll hide behind the tree and see what happens."

The boy did as his grandfather told him. After a little while, the farmer came for his clothes. He put on his ragged old shirt and his feet into his shoes. He felt something hard inside. Annoyed, he took the shoe off to see what it was. There were coins. He was astonished.

He looked up at the sky and fell to his knees.

"Oh! Great God! You are so kind. When I needed money the most, you sent me this gift. Thank you, God! And thank you to whoever you made your

messenger Then he walked home, overjoyed. The boy felt proud and happy. His grandfather said, "Grandson, the path to happiness is to make others happy."

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