Formative Assessment 2 8th English 2021




NAME: …………………… SEC: ….. NO: ….. M: 20.

  1. Read and answer.

  1. They moved around and started chatting. The mandatory five minutes were over and the teacher did not come.5 m.

  1. What is meant by mandatory?

  2. Why did they move around and start chatting?

  3. In which were they studying?

  4. Who is the Teacher?

  5. What is the lesson about?

                 b. The Potter has drawn out the living breath of me And given me a form which is the death of me, 2m.

  1. Which form does the goblet like?

    1. Goblet form

    2. Clay form

  2. Whose living breath is drawn out?

    1. Clay's

    2. Potter's

     II. Own sentences. 4 m

  1. a) fair (adj) ________________

  2. b) fair (noun) ________________

  3. 2. a) mind (noun ________________

  4. b) mind (verb) ________________

     III. Pick the Synonyms.

  • (Literate illiterate country city)

  • Because Akkayya was not educated, she was married to a man from the village

  1. Village = …………..

  2. Educated= ………....

     IV. Pick the opposites.

  • Is that true? When? Where is it? Give me the letter,” he said and pulled the letter.

  1. True x ……….

  2. Pulled x ……….

     V. Writing. 5 M

  • Based on the details of the famous singer, S.P. Bala Subrahmanyam

given below, write a biographical sketch of him. Full name : Sripathi Panditaradhyala BalaSubrahmanyam

Date of Birth : 4th June 1946

Place of Birth : Konetammapeta, Nellore District. 

State : Andhra Pradesh

Educational qualifications : Engineering

Entry into film field : 1966

First Film : Sri Sri Sri Maryada Ramanna

 Entry into Bollywood : In 1980

 Total number of songs sung : About 40,000

Other credits : Noted dubbing artist.

Actor : Acted in a number of Telugu films

TV programmes : Leading many TV programmes.

Awards: 1. National Film Award for best male playback singer – 6 times

2. Nandi Awards from Governments of Andhra Pradesh – 25 times

3. State Award from Tamil Nadu

4. State Award from Karnataka

5. Padma Shri Award

6. Padma Bhushan


Formative Assessment 2



NAME: ……………………….. SEC: .. NO: ….. M: 20.


  1. Read and answer.

    1. Every pore in Swaminathan’s body burnt with the touch of the cane. He had a sudden flood of courage, the courage that comes of desperation. He restrained the tears that were threatening to rush out, jumped down, and, grasping his books, rushed out muttering, ‘I don’t care for your dirty school.’ 3 m

      1. Why did he mutter so?

      2. Where did his courage come from?

      3. Did he cry or hold back his tears?

    2. I am so glad

That you were there when I was sad

And this is what makes you

Not just my 9th grade teacher, my friend. 2m.

  1. Who is with him when he was sad?

  2. What had made the teacher his friend?

II. Vocabulary

  1. Write own sentences using the following phrasal verbs. 4m

    1. look at

    2. Look arround

    3. bring down

    4. cut off

  2. Pick the synonyms.

(Affection, hate, calm, cleanness)  2m

How can you buy or sell the sky, the warmth (a) of the land? The idea is strange to us. If we do not own the freshness (b) of air and the sparkle of water, how can you buy them from


  1. Pick the antonyms. 2m

(Similar, different, balance, unfair)

One thing we know, which the white man may one day discover - our God is the same (a) God. You may

think now that you own Him as you wish to own our land, but you cannot. He is the God of man, and His compassion is equal (b) for the red man and the white.

  1. ……….      b) …………….

  4.  Pick the right forms. 2 m

  • When Swaminathan’s turn came, he looked around ………………( helpless / helplessness / helplessly.) Rajam sat on the third bench in front, and resolutely looked away. He was …………… (gaze / gazed / gazing) at the blackboard intently.

Iii. Creative Writing. 5 m

Prepare a speech that you would like to make on ‘the World Environment Day’. You can make use of the following hints:

  • The threats to animal and plant life

  • The pollution of air, water and earth and the consequences

  • The need to preserve our environment for ourselves and for the future generations.


  • What do you think Swami might have thought after he had left his school? Write down his reflections in a paragraph.

Formative Assessment 2 Blossoms 6

 FA 2




Formative Assessment - II. 

APRIL - 2021


Marks: 20

NAME: ____________________SEC: _____  NO:_     


  1. Read and answer. 3 marks.

The old woman saw them and said to all of them, "Shame on you, men! You are fighting for these two girls. See! They have forgotten it. They are playing nicely together. They are wiser than you."

  1. Whom did the old woman see?

  2. Why did the old woman say shame on you?

  3. What have they forgotten?

II. Choose the correct option. 3 marks.

  1. Akulka's mother gave a slap on Malasha's face because ............(    )

a) she quarrelled with her daughter

b) she made her daughter's dress dirty

c) she committed theft in her house.

  1. The men also joined the scene. Here 'scene' refers to the .........(

a) quarrel

b) puddle

c) war

  1. The old woman tried to stop the quarrel. 

a) threatening b) gentle c) peace-loving]

III. Pick out the correct synonym.

(Small streams, removed, pushed, cry loudly) 2 marks

11.the girls took off (a) their shoes.

12. Malasha plumped (b) her foot in to the water.

  1. __________

  2. ___________

IV. Pick the Antonyms from the list. 2 marks.

(Short young new unite tie)

13. The old (a) woman was still trying to separate (b) the fighting crowd.

V. Fill in the blanks with Present Continuous Tense. 2 marks.

14. The children _________ (play)

15. The teacher __________ (walk) slowly.

VI. Tick the correct Degree.2 marks

16. Gopal is the tallest of all in the class.

  1. Positive b) comparative c) Superlative.

17. The train runs faster than the bus.

  1. Positive b) comparative c) Superlative.

VII. Fill in the blanks with correct Articles. (a, an, the) 2 marks.

18. My brother is learning to play ………. piano.

19. Raghu is ……….. best batsman in our team.

VIII. Read the following Telephone conversation between Radha and her mother. 4 Marks.

Mother : Hello, Radha, I'll not come home now. We have an urgent meeting in the office. Do you have your dance class today?

Radha : Yes, mom, I have to leave now. What's the matter?

Mother : Tell your father to come to NTR circle by 8pm to pick me up. I will wait there.

Radha O.K. Mom.

20. Now, Radha leaves message for her father. Write her message in a box below.

The Author's Feelings

 The Author's Feelings / The Narrator's Feelings.

Lesson: The Journey
10th English.

The Author's Feelings /

The Narrator's Feelings.

By knr

     I felt really lethargic when I had to go to the workplace after spending six months at home. I did not want to go as I had to leave my newly-wed-wife at home. I should have taken her along with me to my workplace. 

     On my way back, nobody had time to spare for me to carry my trunk as they were busy. In fact, carrying the trunk should not have been such a worry for me except that my education had made me shun physical labour. 

     Finally, my father said that he would carry the trunk for me to the bus stop.

     I protested. How could I allow my old father to carry my trunk?  What would people think? What would they say? But I failed to dissuade him.  

     On our way, we were tired. Father drank a mug of home-made-wine. I felt like sipping some of it. We were walking a narrow hilly road. From time to time it crossed my mind that it was improper for me to let father carry the luggage. I wanted to tell him that I would like to carry the trunk myself but my guilt and shame did not allow me to do so. I had the feeling that if I carried the luggage my father and my people in fact, the whole world would laugh at me and I would be belittled. 

     My parents were truly proud of me.  My father would not like to see me carrying a trunk on my back and would be very hurt if I did so.  I felt that that it would be better to let father carry it.  

     He might be stronger than me but how would I allow him to carry? Am I not a responsible son? Am I not grateful to him? It's a shame on my part to do so. I'm really sorry Dad, I would never make such mistakes again.


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