International Women's Day speech

 International Women's Day Speech for Kids.

International Women's Day celebrations

  • Your Excellency our headmistress,

  •  Honorable chief guest. 

  • Distinguished dignitaries.

  • Beloved teachers and dear friends.

Wishing you all a very happy International Women's Day.

My sincerest, deepest and warmest gratitude to the authorities as we all are recalling the women power of the world.

  • Ada Lovelace, Mathematician. 

  • Our Shakuntala Devi Mathematician.

  • Marie Curie, Physicist and Chemist. 

  • Janaki Ammal, Botanist. 

  • Kalpana Chavla An Austronomour.

  • Molla the writer of Ramana.

  • Vangari Maathai : Environmental Activist.

  • Jane Austin A famous author.

  • Asha Bosley A famous Indian singer.

  • Finally, our mother, Mother Teresa.

My List of the Top Five Indian Women Who Changed History.

  • I have included more than 50 women on this list, but I wanted to highlight five whose achievements changed the course of history.

  • Anandi Gopal Joshi: She was the first female doctor in India and the first Indian woman to obtain a medical degree in the United States.

  • Indira Gandhi: She was the first and only woman to be the Prime Minister of India.

  • Justice Anna Chandy: She was the first female judge in India.

  • Kalpana Chawla: She was the first Indian woman in space and died tragically in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster.

  • Mother Teresa: She dedicated her life to helping the poor and was the first woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

Their dedication, determination and devotion towards humanity 

  • clearly show  the eternal empowerment of women.  

  • Clearly reveals the strength of the women.

  • Absolutely showers the kindness, patience and perceverence of women.

  • So, there is only one way to show our gratitude towards women is

    • Respect them.

    • Adore them.

    • Treat them in an apt manner.

Happy Women's Day.

Jai Hind.

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