Formative Assessment 2 8th English 2021




NAME: …………………… SEC: ….. NO: ….. M: 20.

  1. Read and answer.

  1. They moved around and started chatting. The mandatory five minutes were over and the teacher did not come.5 m.

  1. What is meant by mandatory?

  2. Why did they move around and start chatting?

  3. In which were they studying?

  4. Who is the Teacher?

  5. What is the lesson about?

                 b. The Potter has drawn out the living breath of me And given me a form which is the death of me, 2m.

  1. Which form does the goblet like?

    1. Goblet form

    2. Clay form

  2. Whose living breath is drawn out?

    1. Clay's

    2. Potter's

     II. Own sentences. 4 m

  1. a) fair (adj) ________________

  2. b) fair (noun) ________________

  3. 2. a) mind (noun ________________

  4. b) mind (verb) ________________

     III. Pick the Synonyms.

  • (Literate illiterate country city)

  • Because Akkayya was not educated, she was married to a man from the village

  1. Village = …………..

  2. Educated= ………....

     IV. Pick the opposites.

  • Is that true? When? Where is it? Give me the letter,” he said and pulled the letter.

  1. True x ……….

  2. Pulled x ……….

     V. Writing. 5 M

  • Based on the details of the famous singer, S.P. Bala Subrahmanyam

given below, write a biographical sketch of him. Full name : Sripathi Panditaradhyala BalaSubrahmanyam

Date of Birth : 4th June 1946

Place of Birth : Konetammapeta, Nellore District. 

State : Andhra Pradesh

Educational qualifications : Engineering

Entry into film field : 1966

First Film : Sri Sri Sri Maryada Ramanna

 Entry into Bollywood : In 1980

 Total number of songs sung : About 40,000

Other credits : Noted dubbing artist.

Actor : Acted in a number of Telugu films

TV programmes : Leading many TV programmes.

Awards: 1. National Film Award for best male playback singer – 6 times

2. Nandi Awards from Governments of Andhra Pradesh – 25 times

3. State Award from Tamil Nadu

4. State Award from Karnataka

5. Padma Shri Award

6. Padma Bhushan


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