Formative Assessment 2 Blossoms 6

 FA 2




Formative Assessment - II. 

APRIL - 2021


Marks: 20

NAME: ____________________SEC: _____  NO:_     


  1. Read and answer. 3 marks.

The old woman saw them and said to all of them, "Shame on you, men! You are fighting for these two girls. See! They have forgotten it. They are playing nicely together. They are wiser than you."

  1. Whom did the old woman see?

  2. Why did the old woman say shame on you?

  3. What have they forgotten?

II. Choose the correct option. 3 marks.

  1. Akulka's mother gave a slap on Malasha's face because ............(    )

a) she quarrelled with her daughter

b) she made her daughter's dress dirty

c) she committed theft in her house.

  1. The men also joined the scene. Here 'scene' refers to the .........(

a) quarrel

b) puddle

c) war

  1. The old woman tried to stop the quarrel. 

a) threatening b) gentle c) peace-loving]

III. Pick out the correct synonym.

(Small streams, removed, pushed, cry loudly) 2 marks

11.the girls took off (a) their shoes.

12. Malasha plumped (b) her foot in to the water.

  1. __________

  2. ___________

IV. Pick the Antonyms from the list. 2 marks.

(Short young new unite tie)

13. The old (a) woman was still trying to separate (b) the fighting crowd.

V. Fill in the blanks with Present Continuous Tense. 2 marks.

14. The children _________ (play)

15. The teacher __________ (walk) slowly.

VI. Tick the correct Degree.2 marks

16. Gopal is the tallest of all in the class.

  1. Positive b) comparative c) Superlative.

17. The train runs faster than the bus.

  1. Positive b) comparative c) Superlative.

VII. Fill in the blanks with correct Articles. (a, an, the) 2 marks.

18. My brother is learning to play ………. piano.

19. Raghu is ……….. best batsman in our team.

VIII. Read the following Telephone conversation between Radha and her mother. 4 Marks.

Mother : Hello, Radha, I'll not come home now. We have an urgent meeting in the office. Do you have your dance class today?

Radha : Yes, mom, I have to leave now. What's the matter?

Mother : Tell your father to come to NTR circle by 8pm to pick me up. I will wait there.

Radha O.K. Mom.

20. Now, Radha leaves message for her father. Write her message in a box below.

1 comment:

  1. Dear father,today mom would not coming to home because she has urgent work on her office.and im going to dance class take care


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