Life's Amazing Secrets - A Book Review

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Life's Amazing Secrets

Title: Life's Amazing Secrets
Author: Gaur Gopal Das
Price: Rs. 250/-
Pages: 208.
Publishers: Penguin Ananda.
U. S. A. Canada. U. K. Ireland. Australia. New Zeeland. India. South Africa. China.

    The book is really worth reading. We can learn all sorts of traits and personalities of the human life. After reading the book we will have a good balance of life. We can manage, We can deal with the problems. We can understand the emotions. We can solve any kind of problem in the society. We can cope up with the problems we face we can clearly understand the human conflicts. We can surely learn what to choose and what not to. We will live a peaceful ☮️ harmonious and contented life.
    Reading The book 'Life's Amazing Secrets' makes you make the correct choices which always helps you be in the correct path. You will never get distracted, confused, perplexed and bewildered with your behaviour.
    You will clearly know all the secrets of life. Some of the topics the author covered in the book are as follows.
  • Seeing beyond the Obvious
  • The Journey Begins
  • Growing through Gratitude
  • Press Pause
  • Why Worry
  • Spiritual Practice
  • Speaking Sensitively
  • A Virtuous Vision
  • Correcting Cautiously
  • Forgiveness
  • Association Matters
  • Competition Crossroads
  • Self-Discovery
  • Decoding Spirituality at Work
  • Integrity and Character
  • Selfless Sacrifice
  • Family First
  • The Nation Narrative
  • Service Brings Joy

   In the wheel one he clearly reveals the secrets on how not to be worried about the problems about the human problems.
    Guru. Gaur Gopal Das shows youngsters how to grow through gratitude. He inspires us how to practice spirituality. He clarifies us how to maintain good relations. He emphasizes on how to discover ourselves.  He answers the question how we get the joy, happiness and contentment.

Can you please guess what it is.

Service. (brings joy)

K.Naga Raju S.A.Eng.

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You can build powerful Vocabulary.

9th English Text Book Exercises

Past Perfect IX.

The past perfect tense is used to express the actions which were completed before sometime in the past or an action took place.

ఫాస్ట్ పర్ఫెక్ట్ అనేది గతంలో ఒక సమయానికి ముందు ముగిసిన పనులను తెలుపడానికి ఉపయోగపడుతుంది.

గతంలో పూర్తయిన రెండు పనులలో ముందు జరిగిన దానిని పాస్ట్ పర్ఫెక్ట్ (had V3) లోనూ తరువాత జరిగిన పనిని SIMPLE PAST (V2) లోను చెప్పాలి .

Use after, before or When as linkers.

The first one has been done for you.
I brushed my teeth. I took my Breakfast.

After I had brushed my teeth I took my breakfast.
I had brushed my teeth before I took my breakfast.

She started to go to MARKET. it rained HEAVILY.
After she had started to go to MARKET, it rained HEAVILY.
She had started to go to market before it rained heavily.

He completed his HOMEWORK, he went to BED.
After he had completed his HOMEWORK, he went to BED.

I finished my dinner then my father came.
When I had finished my DINNER, my father came.

I fell seriously ill. I met my family doctor.
When I had fallen seriously ill, I met my family doctor.

I locked the door I went out to meet my friend at a restaurant.
After I had locked the door, I went out to meet my friend at a restaurant.

Phrasal Verbs.

He had taken out his sword before they attacked.

He had set up a business for their livelihood before he left India

The flight had already taken off before we reached the airport

Lie lied lied

Lie lay lain

Lay laid laid

After I had lain down, somebody asked me to get up.

After I had completed my work, I lay down.

Before I lay down, I had completed my work.

He had taken time off before he did that.

The H.M. had looked into the complaint before she took an action against the student.

Independence Day Speeches

Respected Headmistress Honorable chief guest, 
Distinguished guests
 Beloved teachers 
And dear friends.
 I wish you all a very happy Independence Day.
 Today I'd like to tell you about some of the important characteristics and qualities of our freedom fighters.
 They possessed some innate great qualities which we all should have. 
They are patriotism, dedication, enthusiasm, patience and perseverance, discipline, honesty, commitment, determination, love for country,  love for  fellow being, self-sacrificing, selflessness, and self-respect. 
These are all the qualities of our ancestors,  that means our freedom fighters, so we all should have the qualities of such great leaders.
 We all must cultivate them inevitably.
 We all ought to practice them in our life.
 We all have to  believe in them.
 We all have got to dedicate to them.
 We all ought to respect them.
 We all ought to follow them.
 Have a good day.
 Happy independence day once again

Fruits and Vegetables

Assignment for Advanced Learners. AV- PV

Dear friends,
This is a voice Quiz you might not have played. You will surely have a wonderful experience. Please comment after the result is taken. No doubt it will be worth playing, sharing, liking and commenting.

Grammar Test 2

Grammar Test 1

Dear Friends, In the Grammar Test Series, Questions have been asked on all the Topics. So a good practice is inevitable. 

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