Independence Day Speeches

Respected Headmistress Honorable chief guest, 
Distinguished guests
 Beloved teachers 
And dear friends.
 I wish you all a very happy Independence Day.
 Today I'd like to tell you about some of the important characteristics and qualities of our freedom fighters.
 They possessed some innate great qualities which we all should have. 
They are patriotism, dedication, enthusiasm, patience and perseverance, discipline, honesty, commitment, determination, love for country,  love for  fellow being, self-sacrificing, selflessness, and self-respect. 
These are all the qualities of our ancestors,  that means our freedom fighters, so we all should have the qualities of such great leaders.
 We all must cultivate them inevitably.
 We all ought to practice them in our life.
 We all have to  believe in them.
 We all have got to dedicate to them.
 We all ought to respect them.
 We all ought to follow them.
 Have a good day.
 Happy independence day once again

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