6th Listening An Unexpected Reward

An Unexpected Reward

A boy and his grandfather were walking along a road. They passed a farmer working hard on his land. The farmer had taken his ragged shirt and worn-out shoes and placed them at the road's edge. The boy felt he could play a little mischief. He said to his grand dad, "Grandpa, why don't we take the man's shoes and shirt and hide behind the tree? When he finds them missing, he will be so angry. And we'll have the fun of watching his expressions."

But the grandfather replied, "Grandson, never make fun of a farmer or hurt his heart. If you just want to feel happy, then let's do this instead. Take 

some coins and place them in each of the farmer's shoes. Then we'll hide behind the tree and see what happens."

The boy did as his grandfather told him. After a little while, the farmer came for his clothes. He put on his ragged old shirt and his feet into his shoes. He felt something hard inside. Annoyed, he took the shoe off to see what it was. There were coins. He was astonished.

He looked up at the sky and fell to his knees.

"Oh! Great God! You are so kind. When I needed money the most, you sent me this gift. Thank you, God! And thank you to whoever you made your

messenger Then he walked home, overjoyed. The boy felt proud and happy. His grandfather said, "Grandson, the path to happiness is to make others happy."


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