• Abate - To become less intense or widespread; to decrease in intensity.

  • Acquiesce - To accept or comply with something without protest; to submit quietly.

  • Altruistic - Showing selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish.

  • Ambiguous - Having multiple possible meanings; unclear or uncertain.

  • Apathy - Lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern; indifference.

  • Benevolent - Showing kindness and goodwill; charitable.

  • Capitulate - To surrender or yield; to give in to an opponent or authority.

  • Cogent - Clear, logical, and convincing; compelling.

  • Conundrum - A puzzling or difficult problem; a dilemma.

  • Debilitate - To weaken or impair the strength of someone or something.

  • Disparate - Fundamentally different; distinct or dissimilar.

  • Dubious - Doubtful or questionable; not to be relied upon.

  • Elusive - Difficult to find, catch, or achieve; evasive.

  • Ephemeral - Lasting for a very short period; fleeting or transitory.

  • Exacerbate - To make a problem, situation, or condition worse; to aggravate.

  • Furtive - Attempting to avoid attention or being secretive; sly or stealthy.

  • Gregarious - Fond of company; sociable or outgoing.

  • Hedonist - Someone who pursues pleasure and self-indulgence as life goals.

  • Impetuous - Acting suddenly without thought or care; impulsive.

  • Inevitable - Unavoidable; certain to happen.

  • Intrinsic - Belonging naturally; inherent and essential.

  • Juxtapose - To place side by side for comparison or contrast.

  • Lament - To express grief, sorrow, or regret; to mourn.

  • Magnanimous - Generous and forgiving, especially towards a rival or less powerful person.

  • Nefarious - Wicked, villainous, or immoral; evil.

  • Nuance - A subtle difference or distinction in meaning, expression, or understanding.

  • Ostracize - To exclude or banish someone from a group or society.

  • Palpable - Tangible, easily perceptible, or noticeable; able to be touched or felt.

  • Quandary - A state of uncertainty or perplexity; a dilemma.

  • Resilient - Able to recover quickly from difficulties; flexible and adaptable.

  • Sycophant - A person who flatters or praises others excessively to gain favor.

  • Tenacious - Holding firmly to a purpose or belief; persistent and determined.

  • Ubiquitous - Present, appearing, or found everywhere; widespread.

  • Vacillate - To sway or fluctuate between different opinions or actions; to be indecisive.

  • Whimsical - Playfully quaint or fanciful; unpredictable or capricious.

  • Xenophobia - Fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers.

  • Yearn - To have a strong desire or longing for something.

  • Zealous - Full of passion and enthusiasm for a cause or goal.

  • Ascertain - To find out or determine something with certainty.

  • Bellicose - Demonstrating aggression or a willingness to fight; warlike.

  • Colloquial - Informal language or speech used in ordinary conversation.

  • Deleterious - Harmful or damaging to health or well-being.

  • Euphemism - A mild or indirect word or phrase substituted for a harsh one.

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