Simple Grammar Test 5


Simple Grammar Test 5

  1. Relative Clauses:

    • Question: Identify the relative pronoun in the sentence: "The car, which was parked outside, belongs to Sarah."

      • a) The

      • b) which

      • c) was

      • d) belongs

  1. Modal Verbs:

    • Question: Which modal verb indicates obligation?

      • a) can

      • b) may

      • c) must

      • d) could

  1. Conditional Sentences:

    • Question: Choose the correct form of the second conditional for the sentence: "If I were you, I ______ (go) to the party."

      • a) go

      • b) went

      • c) will go

      • d) would go

  1. Articles:

    • Question: Which sentence uses the article "an" correctly?

      • a) He is an European.

      • b) She is an university student.

      • c) It's an honor to meet you.

      • d) I saw an cat in the garden.

  1. Gerunds and Infinitives:

    • Question: Choose the correct form of the verb in the blank: "I enjoy _______ (read) novels."

      • a) read

      • b) to read

      • c) reading

      • d) reads

  1. Passive Voice:

    • Question: What is the passive voice form of the sentence "They are painting the house"?

      • a) The house painted them.

      • b) The house is painted by them.

      • c) The house is being painted.

      • d) The house is painting them.

  1. Conjunctions:

    • Question: Identify the coordinating conjunction in the sentence: "He likes coffee, but he prefers tea."

      • a) likes

      • b) coffee

      • c) but

      • d) tea

  1. Phrasal Verbs:

    • Question: Choose the correct phrasal verb for this sentence: "Please put ______ your shoes before entering."

      • a) off

      • b) in

      • c) on

      • d) out

  1. Subjunctive Mood:

    • Question: Identify the sentence that uses the subjunctive mood correctly.

      • a) If he was here, he would help.

      • b) If he were here, he would help.

      • c) If he be here, he would help.

      • d) If he will be here, he would help.

  1. Quantifiers:

    • Question: Choose the correct quantifier for the blank: "There are ______ books on the shelf."

      • a) many

      • b) much

      • c) a lot

      • d) few

  1. Prepositions:

    • Question: What is the correct preposition in the sentence: "I'm interested ______ learning new languages"?

      • a) on

      • b) for

      • c) in

      • d) about

  1. Word Order:

    • Question: Identify the correct word order for the sentence: "She always goes to the gym."

      • a) Always she goes to the gym.

      • b) Goes she always to the gym.

      • c) She goes always to the gym.

      • d) She always goes to the gym.

1. Answer: b) which 2. Answer: c) must 3. Answer: d) would go 4. Answer: c) It's an honor to meet you. 5. Answer: c) reading 6. Answer: c) The house is being painted. 7. Answer: c) but 8. Answer: c) on 9. Answer: b) If he were here, he would help. 10. Answer: a) many 11. Answer: c) in 12. Answer: d) She always goes to the gym.

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