Simple Grammar Test 4


  1. Comparatives and Superlatives:

    • Question: Identify the correct form of comparison for the adjective "good."

      • a) gooder

      • b) more good

      • c) better

      • d) best

  1. Passive Voice:

    • Question: What is the passive voice form of the sentence "The cat chased the mouse"?

      • a) The mouse chased the cat.

      • b) The mouse is chased by the cat.

      • c) The mouse was chased by the cat.

      • d) The cat was chased by the mouse.

  1. Direct and Indirect Speech:

    • Question: Convert the following direct speech into indirect speech: "He said, 'I will come tomorrow.'"

      • a) He said that he will come tomorrow.

      • b) He said that he would come tomorrow.

      • c) He said he will come tomorrow.

      • d) He said he would come tomorrow.

  1. Quantifiers:

    • Question: Choose the correct quantifier for the blank: "I have _______ time to finish the task."

      • a) some

      • b) many

      • c) enough

      • d) much

  1. Phrasal Verbs:

    • Question: Choose the correct phrasal verb for this sentence: "She needs to _______ the book before the deadline."

      • a) give up

      • b) give in

      • c) give away

      • d) give back

  1. Subjunctive Mood:

    • Question: Which sentence uses the subjunctive mood correctly?

      • a) If I was you, I would apologize.

      • b) If I were you, I would apologize.

      • c) If I am you, I would apologize.

      • d) If I be you, I would apologize.

  1. Conjunctions:

    • Question: Choose the correct subordinating conjunction in the sentence: "I will go for a walk ______ it stops raining."

      • a) and

      • b) but

      • c) when

      • d) or

  1. Articles:

    • Question: Select the correct article for the blank: "He is ____ architect."

      • a) a

      • b) an

      • c) the

      • d) no article needed

  1. Prepositions:

    • Question: What is the correct preposition in the sentence: "She arrived _____ the airport at 8 o'clock"?

      • a) on

      • b) in

      • c) at

      • d) to

  1. Adverb Clauses:

    • Question: What type of adverb clause is used in the sentence: "He works hard so that he can succeed"?

      • a) Cause

      • b) Time

      • c) Purpose

      • d) Condition

  1. Ellipsis:

    • Question: Identify the correct sentence with ellipsis.

      • a) She likes swimming, and she likes running too.

      • b) She likes swimming, and likes running too.

      • c) She likes swimming, and running too.

      • d) She likes swimming, and likes running.

  1. Negative Forms:

    • Question: Choose the correct negative form of the verb "have" for the sentence: "They ______ any money."

      • a) doesn't have

      • b) hasn't

      • c) haven't

      • d) didn't have

1. Answer: c) better 2. Answer: c) The mouse was chased by the cat. 3. Answer: b) He said that he would come tomorrow. 4. Answer: c) enough 5. Answer: d) give back 6. Answer: b) If I were you, I would apologize. 7. Answer: c) when 8. Answer: b) an 9. Answer: c) at 10. Answer: c) Purpose 11. Answer: c) She likes swimming, and running too. 12. Answer: d) didn't have


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