The Clever King

 The Clever King

A Moral Story

Reading Practice Video.

All Grades can practice. 

A1, A2, for accent and intonation,

B1, B2, C1, C2, D1 & D2 for a perfect Reading Practice.

First, watch the video as many times as possible. Then practice reading with the given text below.

All the Best.

A Clever King

Once a king was distressed on seeing his people lazy and idle. He wanted to teach them a lesson. One night he put a big stone in the middle of the road. Next morning people passed by but did not care to remove the stone. After a few days the king had got it removed. There was a purse full of money underneath the big stone. People saw it and were ashamed of their idleness.

Morai: Hard work is blessed. Laziness is cursed.

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