Module: 11 

English Portfolio.

8th Class.



Teacher's Activity:

Showing the picture on pre-reading activity, I will ask some questions.

  1. What do you notice in the picture?

  2. what do you think of the size and sitting posture of the figure which is looking at the children?

  3. What is the mode of the children?

  4. What other things do you observe in the picture?

  5. Can you name the fruits shown in the picture?

I will note down the responses on the blackboard and I will ask more analytical questions related to this lesson to make, think more and create an atmosphere of language learning.

Pupil's activity:

Pupils give individual and collective responses. For analytical questions the pupil will give different responses for the same question. They will be able to understand the theme of the picture.

While Reading Activity:

  1. Individual Reading:

    • I will ask the students to read the text silently and track their reading process. I will ask the students to put a (✅), (?) and (✳️) marks. I will be able to understand how far the students have understood the text.


  1. Who are the same characters in the story?

  2. Who is the selfish character?

  3. Who is the kind and changed the character?

  4. Who describes the play?

  5. What did the word giant own?

  6. How was the garden?

  7. How were the flowers?

  8. How many peach trees were there in the garden?

  9. In which season did the flowers blossom?

  10. in which season did the garden bear? rich fruit?

  11. Who sang the songs sweetly on the trees?

  12. Who stopped there and listened to them?

    • They will listen to the teacher's questions and give their responses. Basing on the question and answers they will try to understand the word/text.

    • The teacher will note how many students are able to understand the central idea of the given text and how many are not able to understand it. Then the teacher will try to analyse the reasons.

2. Collaborative Reading::

I will ask the students to form into small groups of 4 students each and discuss the paragraphs they have studied.

In groups they discuss the paragraphs they have studied individually.


  1. When were the children coming from school?

  2. Where did the children use to go and play?

  3. In MY garden. Whose garden was that?

  4. Ho came back one day. Who was he?

  5. Who was the giants friend?

  6. How many had the giant stayed with him?

  7. After 7 years what did the giant decide?

  8. When the giant arrived, what were the children doing?

  9. When his mother children, what was his question?

  10. Then what did the children do?

They will try to facilitate their understanding. The group leaders will express what they have understood. The children will try to understand the central idea with the help of the sub text questions.

  • Sub Text: Once I owned a large, lovely ………. with soft green grass. Here and there over the grass stood beautiful ………. like stars, and there were ………. peach trees that in the ……….. broke out into delicate blossoms of pink and pearl and in the ………. bore rich fruit. The ………. sat on the trees and sang so sweetly that the …………. used to stop their games in order to listen to them...

3. Scaffolding reading:

After collaborative Reading, I will pose some extra thought provoking questions to make the children think to come to a good conclusion regarding the central idea of the paragraphs they study. The teacher will ask the students to present what they have understood. Then I will record their presentation on the black board / chart.

Chart with Analytical, inferential and Reflective questions:

  • Why did the children use to stop and listen to the songs of the birds?

  • Why do the children love the garden very much?

  • Why did the children run away?

  • How was the garden? Describe it in your own words?

  • What do you understand by MY garden?

  • Have you ever played in such a garden while coming are going to school?

4. Post-Reading:

  1. Vocabulary.

    • I will give some sentences from the passage and ask the students to find out the correct meaning which is given in bold letters

Write the Synonyms:

  1. Giant=

  2. Character=

  3. Owned =

  4. Broke out=

  5. Stayed =

  6. Determined =

  7. Castle = 

  8. Arrived =

Write the Antonyms

  1. Old X

  2. Same X

  3. Selfish X

  4. Changed X

  5. Kind X

  6. Lovely x

  7. Soft X

  8. Beautiful X

  9. Delicate X

  10. Rich X

  11. Sweet X

  12. Came X

  13. Back X

  14. Friend X

  15. Arrived x

2. Grammar:

  • Here we can teach the simple past for the pupils.

  • Structure and usage of Simple past: 

  • ( subject+ verb 2+ Object)

Fill in the blanks with simple past tense.

  • I once ……… (own) a large lovely garden.

  • Here and there over the grass ……… (stand) the beautiful flowers like stars.

  • There ……… (be) twelve peach trees.

  • The birds ……… (sit) on the trees

  • The birds ………. (Sing) so sweetly.

  • But one day I ……….(come) back.

  • And we can teach parts of speech from that paragraph as well.

3. Writing:

  • Pupils are asked to write and submit the worksheets given to them. And we can give any type of writing activities like filling blanks, writing sentences or grammatical sentences, etc.

  • Write about a beautiful garden you have visited.


  1. We have to collect the following pictures and paste them at the relevent places.

    • Garden(TB)

    • Giant (TB)

    • Perch tree (NET)

    • And it's fruits. (NET)

    • Children playing in the garden.(TB)

    • Green grass. (NET)

    • Flowers of grass. (NET)

    • Castle (textbook picture)

    • Photo of the passage. 

(Old gent and the giants referred to the same character.. ………………….. the children run away.)


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