But as a Relative Pronoun


But can be used as a relative pronoun to introduce a non-restrictive clause, which provides additional information about the noun that comes before it. The non-restrictive clause is separated from the main clause by commas.

Here are 20 useful sentences with but as a relative pronoun:

  1. My dog, but doesn't like to fetch, loves to go for walks in the park.

  2. The house, but was built in the 19th century, has been recently renovated.

  3. The man, but was standing on the corner, was wearing a long coat and hat.

  4. The book, but I read last week, was very interesting.

  5. The car, but I bought last year, is still running well.

  6. The city, but I live in, is very diverse.

  7. The school, but I went to, is no longer open.

  8. The job, but I applied for, has already been filled.

  9. The restaurant, but we went to last night, was delicious.

  10. The movie, but we saw last weekend, was very funny.

  11. The music, but I was listening to, was very relaxing.

  12. The gift, but you gave me, is very thoughtful.

  13. The advice, but you gave me, was very helpful.

  14. The person, but I met last week, made a very good impression on me.

  15. The place, but I visited last summer, was very beautiful.

  16. The time, but we spent together, was very special.

  17. The experience, but I had, was very eye-opening.

  18. The challenge, but I faced, was very difficult.

  19. The lesson, but I learned, was very valuable.

  20. The journey, but I took, was very rewarding.

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