G20 SUMMIT NEW DELHI! 2023 (9/9/23 & 10/9 23)


G20 2023 New Delhi. (9/9/23 & 10 / 9/ 23)

The 2023 G20 Summit was held in New Delhi, India on September 9-10, 2023. It was the first G20 summit to be held in India. The theme of the summit is "One Earth, One Family, One Future". The summit focused on a number of global issues, including the global economy, climate change, and sustainable development.

The summit was hosted by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The leaders of the G20 countries attended the summit, along with other high-level officials. The summit was held at the Bharat Mandapam International Exhibition-Convention Centre in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

The G20 is an international forum for cooperation among the world's major economies. It was established in 1999 and currently comprises 19 countries and the European Union. The G20 countries account for about 80% of the world's GDP, 75% of global trade, and 60% of the world's population.

The G20 summit is an important opportunity for the world's leaders to come together and discuss global issues. The summit is also an opportunity for India to showcase its economic and political power on the world stage.

What should our students learn from G20 Summit?

The importance of international cooperation: The G20 is a forum for cooperation among the world's leading economies. This cooperation is essential to address global challenges such as climate change, poverty, and inequality.

The need for inclusive and equitable education: The G20 leaders have pledged to make quality education accessible to all, regardless of their background. This is an important goal, as education is the foundation for a better future for everyone.

The power of technology to transform education: The G20 leaders have also committed to using technology to improve education. This is a positive development, as technology can help to make education more accessible, personalized, and engaging.

The importance of lifelong learning: The world is changing rapidly, and so too must our education systems. Students need to be prepared to learn throughout their lives, so that they can adapt to new challenges and opportunities.

The need for global citizenship: The G20 summit is a reminder that we are all interconnected. As citizens of the world, we have a responsibility to work together to build a better future for everyone.

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