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Question 1

The baby's skin is delicate.

    a) tough
    b) soft
    c) fragile
    d) strong

Answer: c Delicate (adjective): requiring careful handling or treatment; fragile.

Question 2

The worker is efficient at his job.

    a) productive
    b) lazy
    c) inefficient
    d) slow

a, Efficient (adjective): achieving a desired result with the least waste of time, effort, or material.

Question 3

The man's generosity touched everyone's heart.

    a) kindness
    b) stinginess
    c) meanness
    d) unkindness

Answer: a, Generosity (noun): the quality of being generous; willingness to give.

Question 4

The student came up with an innovative solution to the problem.

    a) creative
    b) boring
    c) traditional
    d) old-fashioned

Answer: a, Innovative (adjective): introducing new ideas; creative.

Question 5

The man is not literate.

    a) educated
    b) illiterate
    c) smart
    d) intelligent

Answer: b, Literate (adjective): able to read and write.

Question 6

The solution to the problem is obvious.

    a) clear
    b) hidden
    c) obscure
    d) difficult

Answer: a, Obvious (adjective): easily perceived or understood; clear.

Question 7

The politician's speech was persuasive.

    a) convincing
    b) boring
    c) unconvincing
    d) unmemorable

Answer: a, Persuasive (adjective): able to persuade or convince.

Question 8

The man's achievement was remarkable.

    a) ordinary
    b) extraordinary
    c) average
    d) mediocre

Answer: b, Remarkable (adjective): worthy of attention or notice; extraordinary.

Question 9

The change in the weather was subtle.

    a) obvious
    b) clear
    c) delicate
    d) faint

Answer: c, Subtle (adjective): not immediately obvious or readily perceived; delicate.

Question 10

The old man is still vigorous.

    a) energetic
    b) weak
    c) tired
    d) lazy

Answer: a. Vigorous (adjective): full of energy and strength; active.

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