Answers:  (1-5)

  1. The risk of bullying by other children in the mainstream school.

  2. Because he was a torso.

  3. B.

  4. B.

  5. A.

  6. A.

  7. B.

  8. C.

  9. C.

  10. C.

  11. Number of employees in various departments of state government.

  12. Five departments

  13. B.

  14. B.

  15. A. / B.

  16. Victoria, who loved her grandfather, was Amelia's daughter. / Victoria, who was Amelia's daughter, loved her grandfather.

  17. The heavy box was lifted by the old man.

  18. The metro train was cancelled since there was trouble on the track.

  19. a) In case of fire. / b) Of 

  20. lost….. have known ….

  21. We should start a free health camp for the poor.

  22. Could you please teach me to surf.

  23. I. (A) II. C

  24. a) origin. b)  clear the trees. c) scarcity. d) designs.

  25. a) 5. b) 1. c) 2. d) 3.

  26. a) decide b). Carry. c) hilly d) motorable.

  27. a) tea.  b) through.

  28. a) Explanation b) occurrence.

  29. a) Luggage. b) simultaneously.   

  30. a) Adjective. b) brutal.

  31. Latin: Datum. Erratum, species, Crysis. Erratum.  Greek: Diagnosis, phenomenon, axes, 

  32. 1) F. 2) C. 3) E. 4) A.

  33. A. Murthy: Good morning, Dad. 

  34. Father: Good morning. My dear son.

    Murthy: Anna, I have passed the IIT entrance exam with high rank.

    Father: Well done my boy. Congratulations. Murthy: I want to join IIT as it is my dream. 

    Father: With a heavy voice, you are a bright boy. You know our financial position. I have five daughters to be married off and three sons to educate. I am a salaried person and I cannot afford your expenses at IIT. You can stay in Mysore and study as much as you want.

    Murthy: Dad, if I studied there, I would be very grateful and easily take care of the family responsibilities. 

    Father: sorry my dear boy, I cannot take any risks in this matter. In fact, every parent has to make correct choices about their children's education as per his / her financial status. Murthy: Okay, dad I can understand the reality. I will study here in Mysore and prove myself. 

    Father: Good understanding, my boy.

    Murthy: Thank you Dad. bye..


    Diary Entry

    7th April,2022,

    11.15. am.

    Dear Diary,

          As a woman of Africa, I was really happy for these transformations in our country. We all really owe to Mrs Wangari  Maathai in this regard. We really don't know how to plant trees. But Mathai taught us how to plant the trees and nurture them and transplant them into the fields. And that's how we could become the component foresters without diplomas. The Trees  became big and we were able to cut them and be able to give ourselves energy; to be able

    to sell those trees and give ourselves an income; to be able to feel confident that we had done something for ourselves. That sense of pride, the sense of dignity that we are not begging, that we are doing things for ourselves was very empowering. That transformation was very

    powerful. The other is the transformation of landscape. Once again the environment was very pristine, very beautiful and very green. And the other transformation that I saw was the willingness of the people to fight for their rights. All these three are the biggest transformations in our country. So we all are ever greatful to Wangari Mathai for her services.

    The woman of Africa.

  35. A. Letter to a friend

  36. 7.4.22,


    My dear friend,

         I am safe here and hope the same with you all. 

         Our school is celebrating National Deworming Day on 10th February. The children are given tablets to help them, come out of anemia indigestion, pain comes due to warms. A campaign is held in bringing awareness in Anganwadi, schools for educating children about the necessity of preventing warm-spreading. The doctors and nurses from primary health care centre visited our school and conducted an awareness meeting in which we clearly understand how to come out of anaemia in digestion and pain comes due to warms. I took the medications. I felt elated on this campaign. It was really a nice program. Write a letter to me about your school's programs. 

    Convey my regards to parents.

    Your loving friend,



    K. Pavan.

    18-6/1, Rama Peta, 




    Biographical sketch of general Bipin Rawat.


         General Bipin Rawat was one of the greatest Indian military officers. His name is Bipin Rawat. He was born on 16th March 1958 in Puri in Uttarakhand, India. He survived for 63 years only. He was highly educated. He completed his PH.D in Chancellorry Charan Singh University. He completed his M. Phil. in IMA. Defense staff College. He studied B.Sc. in National defense academy. His father was Laxman Singh who was a lieutenant general in the Indian military. His wife was Madhulika. She had two daughters. He served Indian National army for 43 years. He received the awards of 

    1. Parama vishisht seva medal.

    2. Uttam yuddh seva medal.

    3. ATI vishisht seva medal.

    He died in a plane crash on 8th December 2021 at Kannur in Tamilnadu. I think he is one of the greatest generals of Indian Millatary.

    35. Framing Wh. Questions. A) What did Mr Sunday Nana stop?

    B) How many people have died in the village?

    C) What did the people suffer in?

    D) Whom did the villagers ask ask?

    E) Who had they written to?

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