How to ask Questions


SI am a boy.I go to market.He goes to market.He went to market.
QAm I boy?Do I go to market?Does he go to market?Did he go to market?
SHe is a student.We read books.She reads a book.She read a book.
QIs he student?Do we read books?Does she read a book?Did she read a book?
SShe is intelligent.You play cricket.It plays in the ground.It played in the ground.
QIs she intelligentdo you play cricket?Does it play in the ground?Did it play in the ground?
SThey are boys.They do their homework.Raju does his homework.Raju did his homework.
Qare there boysDo they do their homework?Does Raju do his home work?Did Raju do his home work?
SShe was happy.Raju and Rani win the match.Sindhu wins the match.Sindhu won the match.
Qwas she happyDo Raju and Rani win the match?Does Sindhu win the match?Did Sindhu win the match?
SThey were able to do.Trees give us food.A tree gives us food.A tree gave us food.
QWere they able to do?Do trees give us food?Does a tree give us food?Did a tree give us food?
SYou have come.I help you.She helps me.She helped me.
QHave you come?Do I help youDoes she help me?Did she help me?
SIt has done its work.You help me.He helps her.He helped her.
QHas it done it's work?Do you help meDoes he help her?Did he help her?
SThey had arrived.We learn EnglishIt learns English.It learnt English.
QHad they arrived?Do we learn English?Does it learn English.Did it learn English?
SI shall become a lawyer.They speak Tamil.He speaks Urdu.He spoke Urdu.
QShall I become a lawyer?Do they speak Tamil?Does he speak Urdu?Did he speak Urdu?
SWe shall go.These people follow him.It follows my instructions.It followed my instructions.
QShall we go?Do these people follow him?Does it follow my instructions?Did it follow my instructions?
SYou will come.Stars shine in the sky.She shines like a star.She shone like a star.
QWill you come?Do stars Shine In The Sky?Does she shine like a star?Did she shine like a star?
SThey will do it.The students play in the ground.The student plays here.The student played here.
QWill they come?do the students play in the ground?Does the student play here?Did the student play here?
SHe will attend the function.Teachers explain lessons.This teacher explains well.This teacher explained well.
QWill he attend the function?Do teachers explain lesson plan?Does this teacher explain well?Did this teacher explain well?
SShe will listen to meStudents listen to the teachers.The student listens to me.The student listened to me.
QWill Shri listen to me?do students listen to the teacher?Does the student listen to me?Did the student listen to me?
SThey can solve the problem.My friends always help me.My friend helps me.My friend helped me.
QCan they solve the problem?Do my friends always help me?Does my friend help me?Did my friend help me?
SHe could deal the matter.I have a problem.She has a problem.She had a problem.
QCould he deal the matter?Do I have a problem?Does she have a problem?Did she have a problem?
SIt may rain.They have a problem.It has problems.It had problems.
QMay it rain?Do they have a problem?Does it have problems?Did it have problems?
SIt might rainDoctors treat patients.A doctor treats patients.A doctor treated the patients.
QMight it rain?Do doctors treat patients?Does a doctor treat patients?Did a doctor treat the patients?
SYou must do it.Parents love their kids.My dad loves me.My dad loved me.
QMust you do it?Do parents love their kids?Does my dad love me?Did my dad love me?
SYou should do itWe all eat together.He eats with his friends.He ate with his friends.
QShould you do it?Do we all eat together?Does he eat with his friends?Did he eat with his friends?
SShe ought to respect him.They often meet her.She often meets him.She met him.
QOught she to respect him?Do they often meet her?Does she often meet him?Did she meet him? 
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