10th English Model Test 2 Key

 Model Test - II. Key.

10th English - 19th May, 21.

Section: A. Comprehen.

  1. The forests.

  2. when the rains fell the water ran downstream and ended up in the lakes and oceans instead of going down into the underground reservoir

  3.  A.

  4.  B

  5. B.

  6.  C.

  7. A.

  8. A.

  9.  A.

  10. B.

  11. GST rates of some countries are given below.

  12. 7 countries.

  13. B

  14. C

  15. A.

  16. We lived in our ancestral house which was built in the middle of the nineteenth century.

  17. I was helped earn my first wages by Samsuddin.

  18. Jainulabdeen had neither formal education nor wealth.

  19. a. By means of

    b. At

  1. Went, had finished

  2. You should not play video games.

  3. Could you please maintain physical distance.

  4. I. D

   II. C.

  1. a. Attacked

    b. Assets

    c. Environment.

    d. Help

  1. a. 6.

    b. 5

    c. 2.

    d. 4.

  1. a. transformations.

    b. ability

    c.  Plant

   d.  Became.

  1. a. ia.


  1. a. ers.

    b. Ssionals.

  1. a. Permission.

    b. Marriage.

  1. a. Austerely

    b. Very simple.

  1. Persons.

  • Child

  • Activist

  • Women

  • Winner.


  • Reservoir 

  • Forest 

  • Colony 

  • Landscape.

  1. 1. B.

    2. E.

    3. D.

            4. C.

    33.  a. Conversation.

Sastry: I felt utterly downcast when you were asked to sit in the last row. I thought into a fight right there with that teacher

Kalam: I too feel very bad, the image of your weeping when I was shifted to the last row left a lastingi mpression on me.

Sastry: As children, none of us ever felt any difference amongst ourselves because of our religious differences and upbringing.

Kalam: Yes,you are right. Why couldn't the new teacher stomach a Hindu priest's son sitting with a Muslim boy. In accordance

with our social ranking.

Sastry: No teacher till now, has behaved like this.

Kalam: Yes, we haven't faced such problems till now.

Sastry: He is really an unfair orthodox teacher.

Kalam: Of course, what shall we do now?

Sastry: let's complain to our parents about this teacher.

Kalam: Good idea. Lets do that.

34. a. Letter. 








The Health Inspector,

Health Department.


Respected Sir, 

Sub. Complained about uncleaned roads and requested necessary steps-Reg.

     The roads in our colony are not being swept and cleaned regularly. There are heaps of rubbish everywhere. Flies and mosquitoes are increasing. We are afraid that many diseases may spread. I request your kind self sir,

 to take necessary steps to keep the colony clean as the unclean surroundings may prove to be a health-hazard.

Thanking you sir,

Yours faithfully, 


35.  a. Framing Wh. Questions. 

  1. What was imminent?

  2. Who will build their own India?

  3. Who declared that Indians will build their own India? 

  4. What was the whole country filled with?

  5. What did Kalam ask his father?

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