One Word Substitutions 32

HI friends! 

Fluency Tips

  • Accept That English Is a Weird Language. ...
  • Dive into the Deep End. ...
  • Stop Being a Student. ...
  • Remember the Answer Is in the Question. ...
  • Get More out of Listening and watching.
  • Use It or Lose It. ...
  • Learn and Study Phrases. ...
  • Don't Study Grammar Too Much.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes.
  • Learn from Everyone.
  • Use Speech-to-text for all (English) Text Messaging.
  • Record Your Own English-language Audiobooks.
  • Record Yourself Reading Material That You Want to Learn, Then Listen to It Throughout Your Day.
  • Talk Yourself Through Processes.
  • Memorize Conversation Starters (and Use Them!.
  • Share Your Opinions Online.
  • Participate in What'sApp English Speaking Contests.
  • Read English Novels. Watch English Movies, and note down Important Conversational Structures and practice them.
  • Only Speaking can make you fluent in English. So search for situations to express yourself.
  • Thank you.

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