The Crab and the Ocean.

The Story of the Crab

It so happened that once a crab was walking or hopping along happily on the shores of the ocean. It seemed very impressed by the footprint that it was leaving along on the beach sand. But the crab was also highly disappointed by the fact that once in a while a heavy wave would come from the ocean and wash away the footprints.

As this continued, the crab turned to the ocean and asked “I thought you were my best friend and that we walk along together. But here I see that you are deliberately wiping away my footprints “. Why are doing this and creating and causing me unnecessary ill feelings about your action “

The Ocean replied “Yes I am sending waves to wipe away your beautiful footprints because I do not want the fisherman to follow your footprints and chase you “

The moral of the story is that many a time, human beings get carried away by negativity and never realize the good intentions behind others actions. This should not be the way. Every person has to understand that others actions are done with a lot of good intention.

Arrange the scrambled sentences in order.

11. The crab didn't expect such an action from his friend.

12. The Ocean did so that the fisherman couldn't follow the crab.

13. While the crab was walking away from the shore its footprints were washed away by the waves. 

14. The good intentions have to be correctly understood.

15. The crab was excited on seeing its footprints on the shore and then was disappointed with his friend's action.


Harey Krishna: with the blessings of Guru Gaur Gopal Das ji.

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